The setting for this game will be the world of Gaiterra, the vast majority of which is still unexplored. It’s populated by the standard races, but any settlements must be well-protected from monsters with fortifications and some kind of militia, since the wilderness is incredibly dangerous.

The Maps may seem sparsely-populated, but that’s because I’ll be allowing players to make up their own towns, cities, and even nations to “fill in the blanks” and help to populate the world.

The Pantheon is a must-read for anyone who plans on playing a cleric, and will also give you an idea of the forces that watch over Gaiterra.

Then there’s the Cosmology, which gives a brief explanation as to the organization of the afterlife and the outer realms.

Finally, an explanation of the various Forces of Gaiterra to give some background regarding how exactly characters can do what they do.


  • The Northlands use the Palhast calendar, which began when Liana died. It is the year 1890.
  • Zalam’s calendar is based on the ascension of the Mage Emperor to the throne. It is the year 112.
  • Aradain’s calendar began when the warring city states were united under one banner to form the kingdom. It is the year 798.
  • Farem tribes use the calendar of whichever nation they are closest to. The farem tribes in the Northlands use the Palhast calendar, while the tribes in the Khelos Desert use the Aradain calendar.
  • The Ranheid elves use their own calendar, stretching back the longest of all of them. It is the year 7940.


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