World Map

Above is an approximation of the known world. To the north lies the Arctic Oceans, bitterly cold and treacherous, while to the east and west lie oceans that stretch further than any ship has dared to sail. This world is a dangerous one, with monsters ruling the wilderness and a sturdy weapon, a strong shield, and a prayer or spell your only defense. Because of this, nations spend more time defending against monsters than they spend invading each other.

The Southern Continent is, as the map indicates, largely unexplored. There are occasional settlements along the north shore, but there have been no concerted efforts to properly explore or map out the Southern Continent. Explorers who have delved further south tell tales of great volcanoes, unimaginably vast ruined cities, and bizarre and deadly monsters the likes of which are unknown on the North, East, and West continents.

The Northlands


Palhast is a theocracy, ruled by the priesthood of Liana, goddess of healing. It is the birthplace of modern medicine, including germ theory and revolutionary advances in sanitation. Palhast’s territory stretches from the edge of the mountains to the western coast, and the nation is known for having a strong navy.

Stormy Bay

Stormy Bay is a prolific port city that’s “halfway to everywhere.” It’s a center of trade and commerce, and just about anyone or anything can be found there for the right price. The Sentinels are a prominent power in the city, having defended it against an attack by a massive horde of undead.

Ruhiim Academy

The Ruhiim Academy of Martial Studies is located in the mountains north of Caeron, and is renowned for producing some of the most skilled warriors and tacticians in its 200 year history. The current headmaster, Cecilia Ackrill, has a strict policy of neutrality; while graduates can do what they want with the skills they learn, she refuses to drag the Academy into politics or war; it is a place of learning, not a mercenary company. It was founded by Visyet Ruhiim (orcish name: Zhokthaktshorzhe: basically, “He sees and you’re already killed”), a human warrior, scholar, and philosopher of great renown.

Sage Tower

The tower of the eccentric Sage Breygon, renowned instructor of arcane arts, scholar and erudite mystic theurge. The tower is massive and was constructed about 20 years ago by Breygon himself with the help of summoned earth elementals, and is generally seen as the best place in the Northlands to learn arcane arts.


The farming community of Caeron is a small but prosperous community that has a yearly Harvest Festival that causes the town’s population to nearly double. The town is known for two things: Its delicious food, and for surviving an attack by an undead horde.


The machine city Vathis is a center of industry, ruled by various merchant, mining, and inventor guilds. It’s at the forefront of technological advancement, but is abhorrent to those who respect nature, as the city tends to be smoggy and smelly. Vathis is the birthplace of the printing press, which sparked a revolution in literacy with the easy distribution of books and newspapers.


A relatively small city, self-sufficient and isolationist. Very little is known about the city or its ruler, but the party has discovered that it is ruled by an enigmatic vampire who insists on maintaining law and order in his city at any cost.


A prominent mining city-state with a number of rich, deep silver mines. The surrounding port towns act as routes to Aradain Kingdom territory. Silvert has a high dwarven population.

The Eastern Continent

Aradain Kingdom

A wealthy and prosperous kingdom ruling a vast amount of territory, Aradain’s rulers and its populace are known for chivalry, kindness, and a strong sense of justice. The kingdom is known for its skilled warriors and strong military, keeping vigilant even during times of peace. The royal castle has a permanent Zone of Truth cast on it that covers the entire castle, meaning lies cannot be told within its walls. All important meetings and decisions are made within its walls, much to the chagrin of some groups.

Ranheid Elflands

The elven tribes of Ranheid mainly keep to themselves, but are steadfast allies to Aradain and come out of their lush forests mainly for purposes of trade. Many families of elves have relocated from the forests to various communities in Aradain, giving the kingdom some diversity.


The city-state of Skaze is diverse and prosperous, acting as the gateway to the southern plains and the Khelos Desert. The population of Skaze is diverse and it sees trade from desert nomands, Ranheid elves, and from Aradain, and is very wealthy thanks to the gold and iron from dwarven mines in the mountains.

Khelos Desert

The Khelos Desert is known for two things: Its vicious predators and its nomadic tribes. Nomads of Khelos consist mainly of humans and farem, and are renowned for being tough and resourceful, prepared for any situation and able to handle any threat. This is a way of life for them, considering where they live.



The magocracy of Zalam rules the entire island of Carnir, with the Mage Emperor at the head of the Zalam Empire. Carnir was originally a very diverse land, divided into warring provinces, but over a century ago, Zalam’s magical might crushed all opposition and dominated the island. Other cultures were either assimilated or outright destroyed. Arcane spellcasters make up the ruling class of Zalam, wielding great authority. Families with children who show an aptitude for magic often rise to prominence and privilege.


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