Magic is a force that permeates the world, granting amazing powers to those who gifted with the ability to manipulate it. It is generally agreed-upon that the ancient elves were the first to discover (as opposed to create) the language of magic, as they have the oldest records and depictions of spells being cast. Where or how they discovered it has been lost to history.

Arcane Magic

While arcane and divine magic are both written in the same language, there are some fundamental differences in how the spells function. An arcane spellcaster generally relies upon a spellbook, in which formulas for spells are written. Sorcerers carry the power of magic in their blood, having inherited it from ancestors. Sometimes the offspring of a wizard will inherit the parent’s magical power and be born a sorcerer, as well.

While arcane and divine magic share many similarities, the key difference is that wizards, magi, and other book-reliant spellcasters use a method to imprint a spell’s formula into their mind. They can then cast a spell they have memorized, but the exertion of casting the spell and powering it with your own magical energies wipes the spell from your memory. Sorcerers and other spontaneous spellcasters cast the same spells as wizards, but their knowledge of spells is ingrained into their blood and being; they know fewer spells, but can cast them repeatedly, consuming the same reservoir of energy as wizards but in a different way.

Divine Magic

Whereas arcane magic comes from within, divine magic comes from without and is generally granted by gods and spirits, both divine and natural. Divine spellcasters pray or meditate for their spells, and in a way similar to the memorization process wizards use, the knowledge of their spells and the power to cast them is imprinted onto their very soul, rather than their mind. Like wizards and other book-mages, the exertion of casting a divine spell and giving it power removes it from their soul.


Known as ki, chi, qinggong, and other names, ki is a natural force used primarily by monks and warriors. While monks cultivate a conscious understanding of how ki flows through their bodies and the world, most warriors use it to accomplish superhuman feats of skill and power without being consciously aware of it; they just know that their intense focus and willpower allows them to surpass their normal limits.


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