This section is only relevant to clerics, paladins, and characters with Knowledge: Religion or Knowledge: Planes. It’s a brief explanation of the cosmology that Gaiterra is a part of.

Material Plane

AKA The Universe, where Gaiterra is located. You know how this place works. Planets orbit stars, which make up galaxies. Telescopes are a relatively new invention and astronomers are only now beginning to understand the true nature of the motions of the stars, how planets orbit the Sun, and what a galaxy really is. The Material Plane itself is thought to be at the metaphorical center of all the planes, where all the forces of the multiverse converge, and where all elements and forces are in balance.

Realm of Judgment

The domain of Shandrenahl, Judge of Souls. The souls of all mortals of Gaiterra who die pass through this plane and are judged by Shandrenahl, who metes out their reward or punishment, sending them to upper or lower realms as appropriate for the lives they lived. This realm is also called Purgatory, and exists between the Material Plane and the outer realms, beyond the transitive planes but before the outer planes.

Elemental Chaos

The Elemental Chaos is a primal and unformed place where the elements are not quite in balance. There are pockets of stability where a given element may hold dominion, and these are where powerful spirits and outsiders representing those elements live and rule.

The Forge of Creation

The Forge is a wide-open place of vast and infinite sky that glows with the light of multiple suns and thrums with innate power, dangerous to mortal forms. The Forge represents creation and life in its most potent and pure form. Divine powers of healing and creation are drawn from this plane when clerics channel positive energy or paladins use lay on hands.

The Endless Void

The plane that directly opposes the Forge of Creation, the Endless Void is a hollow, empty place that siphons away life itself, eternally hungry. It is the plane from which powers of necromancy are drawn, and the source of the forces that animate the undead. There are places where the Void becomes stable, and dark and corrupt worlds may be found, inhabited by creatures from the bleakest depths of the Void and beyond.

The Upper Realms

These are where the souls of the righteous and virtuous come to rest until they are called upon again for reincarnation. These realms are the domain of angels, archons, azatas, agathions, and other good-aligned outsiders, and are generally peaceful and idyllic. These realms are where the good-aligned gods make their homes, and while most major deities have their own realms, some reside in the same realms or share metaphysical borders.

The Lower Realms

These are where the souls of the sinful are tortured and punished, purified of sin, until they are called upon again for reincarnation. These terrible realms are home to demons and devils, as well as gods of destruction and evil. Like the Upper Realms, the Lower Realms are generally divided by deity or whatever dark power resides there.

The Transitive Planes

The Ethereal Plane, the Shadow Plane, and the Astral Plane lie in the spaces between the other planes. These planes are used primarily for creation and for magical travel. The Ethereal Plane is a misty place that shares a boundary with the Dream Realm. The Shadow Plane is a dark and foreboding place that shares a border with the Void, empty of colour and light and home to strange and nightmarish beings. The Astral Plane is the space between planes, a vast silvery void from which any other plane can be reached.

The Dream Realm

The Dream Realm is a shifting, unstable plane composed of the “dream bubbles” of sleeping mortals. Dream bubbles appear and disappear as people and animals sleep and wake, but only powerful magic can allow passage through the membrane that separates one dream from another. Some dream bubbles have persisted for centuries and are thought to belong to truly ancient creatures of enormous power, either forcibly sealed or in a torpor-like slumber in the far corners of the world. These ancient dreams are the only fixed locations in the Dream Realm and are used for navigation.

The Fey Realm

The Fey Realm is a bizarre mirror-world to Gaiterra. Not a true world of its own but not quite a proper plane, it exists in pockets where nature has taken dominion over civilization, and as such is not infinite. It may be entered through various natural gateways where the borders between planes are weak, whether naturally or deliberately. In the Fey Realm, colours are brighter, animals are wilder, and everything has a saccharine but deadly tinge to it.


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