Combat House Rules

Critical Hit Deck

When anyone confirms a critical hit, rather than simply dealing extra damage, they may pull from the Critical Hit Deck for a special effect. Weapons with x3 critical damage multipliers pull two cards and may pick which one to use, while those with x4 multipliers pull three and pick one.

Called Shots

We will be using the called shot rules, as detailed here with a few exceptions, as noted here:

The DC of saving throws caused by called shots is now changed to 10 + the attacker’s base attack bonus. By the normal rules, the DC is equal to result of the attacker’s attack roll, which can reach into the high 20s, 30s, and sometimes 40s. This has been changed because these numbers do not scale well with saving throws.

Called shots can be made as a standard action, meaning they can be used with a charge or with the Vital Strike feats. True Strike, Hero Points, and other spells and abilities that affect attack rolls do affect called shots. Instead of the feats listed above, PCs will have access to the following feats:

Called Shot Feats

Brutal Called Shot (Combat)
Your called shots are more likely to be debilitating.
Prerequisites: Str 13, Power Attack.
Benefit: Your minimum damage required for a debilitating blow is reduced from 50 to 40 and the DC of any saving throws caused by your called shots is increased by 2.

Opening Called Shot (Combat)
You can open a barrage of attacks with a called shot.
Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +6.
Benefit: When taking a full-round or standard action that gives you multiple attacks, you can replace a single attack with a called shot. You may only attempt one called shot per round.
Normal: You can make one called shot per round as a standard action.

Precise Called Shot (Combat)
Choose a weapon group for which you have the Weapon Focus feat or Weapon Training class feature. Your called shots with those weapons are particularly precise.
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus or Weapon Training class feature.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls when making a called shot with a weapon for which you have Weapon Focus or Weapon Training. This bonus also applies on rolls to confirm critical hits when making a called shot. Additionally, the DC of any saving throws caused by your called shots is increased by 2.

*Trip vs. Flying Enemies

The trip combat maneuver can be used against flying enemies when they are within melee reach of a standing enemy, to pull them to the ground. If the maneuver is successful, the flying enemy is no longer flying, but standing on the ground (or whatever surface they’re pulled down to).

Combat House Rules

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