Army Status

This page details the status and strength of the units under the party’s command, as well as other special resources.

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The Twin Fang Mercenaries
Leader: Johann of the Twin Fangs
Unit Type: Mercenary
Advantages: Versatile, varied make-up, can adapt to many situations
Disadvantages: Lack of specialization results in low skill ceiling

Jant’s Holy Knights
Leader: Paladin Jant of Aosto
Unit Type: Divine
Advantages: Strong against undead and evil outsiders, short recovery time
Disadvantages: Poor against constructs

Akash’s Hunters
Leader: Akash of the Black Tribe
Unit Type: Stealth
Advantages: Skilled spies, saboteurs, assassins, infiltrators
Disadvantages: Poor in direct battle; best when combined with another force

Army Status

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