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Undead Horde Attacks Caeron
Tutorial Adventure!

During Caeron’s annual Harvest Festival, a horde of undead (consisting primarily of skeletons and zombies) attacked the town, killing nearly a hundred people — villagers, guards, and travelers alike. The undead were successfully defeated by the impromptu teamwork of a group of strangers, the staunch and loyal town guard, and the farmers defending their homes.

The group has also made two allies in a burly, bearded human farmer from Caeron, and an elven swordsman from the Ruhiim Academy. The farmer’s son owns the inn, and in thanks for saving his life, paid for party’s lodging for the night.

The group also met Isuld, a representative of the Vollen Sentinels, a group of monster hunters. She struck a deal with the party: If they hunt down and kill the necromancer responsible for the attack on Caeron, she’ll pay them as if it were a job for the Sentinels, and will consider that mission to be their initiation into the guild.

Necromancer Battle at Caeron
Necromancer defeated, party inducted into Sentinels!

Isuld provided the party with information about the location of the necromancer’s lair, as told by the scout she sent the night before. Turns out the necromancer’s lair was in Caeron’s old graveyard, about a half-hour north of the town. A short journey brought them to the graveyard, where they easily annihilated the necromancer’s zombie and skeleton guards.

The necromancer was another matter, however! He was waiting for them with a pair of ghouls and a bunch of defensive spells, and put up quite a fight, almost killing Aztshuktha during the battle. Unfortunately for him, the party defeated him and managed to capture him alive, bringing him back to Caeron to await his final fate. Would the townspeople lynch him, or burn him at the stake? Decisions, decisions.

The mysterious Black Skull he used during the battle is in the party’s possession, as well as other treasures, and the party reaped the handsome reward of 700 gold each for completing the mission — including a bonus for capturing the necromancer alive.

After a thorough interrogation by Isuld and several angry Caeron prison guards, the necromancer divulged that the skull is a powerful artifact that significantly boosts a spellcaster’s ability to create and control undead, far beyond what one should normally be capable of. He refused to tell where he got it, even under painful torture, but Isuld still has leads for the party to follow.

As for the townspeople, they decided that a public burning at the stake would be the necromancer’s final fate, for the abominable acts he inflicted on the town. Gagged to prevent him from cursing the townspeople, he was burned that night in the town square, his corpse chopped up and the pieces scattered to prevent him from rising as an undead creature.

Isuld has also invited the party to come to Stormy Bay, to the Sentinel Guildhouse in that city for official initiation and further work.

Decisions Made
Which quest to take next? Multiple choices, branching paths!

Upon arrival in the bustling port city of Stormy Bay, Isuld registered the party in the Vollen Sentinels and gave them badges. After exploring the city a bit, they returned to the Sentinel guild hall, where Isuld explained to them that though she wasn’t able to discover anything about the mysterious black skull’s past, the Sentinels’ bookwizard was able to glean that the skull provides a massive boost to one’s necromantic powers, particularly in the creation and control of undead. This explains why the necromancer was able to send a veritable army of undead against Caeron, despite his relative weakness.

Isuld then explained to the party that there are a number of leads for investigating the black skull’s properties and origins. They decided to investigate the three leads in this order:

  • Sage Breygon’s Tower: The great renowned sage Breygon, undisputed master of arcane arts, might know something. His tower is to the southeast of Stormy Bay, near the southern tip of the peninsula.
  • Vathis Black Market: The Vathis Thieves’ Guild can give the party access to the Vathis black market, which has seen a sudden surge in the buying and selling of magic items as of late. Could this be related to the attack on Caeron and the black skull’s appearance?
  • Mysterious Sanarro: An isolationist town with a reclusive ruler, who apparently has a reputation for arcane knowledge. The ruler of Sanarro might have valuable information.

For now, though, the party has decided to stock up on supplies in Stormy Bay for the journey ahead.

Sage Breygon's Tower
Visiting the great sage! A stolen book recovered!

The beginning of this series of adventures saw the party go from Stormy Bay to the tower of the great Sage Breygon, master of arcane arts and prolific instructor, running an academy out of his tower. Once there, they discovered that the mysterious black skull artifact can’t be destroyed by conventional means. Breygon told the party he has a book that might reveal more about the origin of the skulls and even how to destroy them, but soon discovered it was missing from the library.

A furious Breygon berated Yashua, the chief librarian, and used his divining pool to discover the location of the thief: The nearby fishing town of Stengart. On arrival, the thief turned out to be a huge coward who immediately gave up not only the stolen book, but also the location of the man who hired him: A necromancer!

The thief led them right to the necromancer’s safehouse, but upon entering, were attacked by the necromancer and a trio of ghasts. It was a vicious battle, but the party emerged victorious. They found not only a second black skull, but also some totally sweet loot (not to be confused with the Totally Sweet Lute, which is a mighty bardic artifact spoken of in legends).


  • Morningstar +1
  • Handaxe +1
  • Heavy Mace +1
  • Heavy Steel Shield of Light Fortification +1
  • Druid’s Vestment
  • Belt of Giant Strength +2
  • Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2
  • Ring of Protection +1
  • Elixir of Vision
  • 1000 gold worth of alchemy materials

The book revealed that the black skulls — plural, since there seem to be multiple skulls — are an ancient artifact as old as civilization itself that seem to surface only occasionally throughout history. They do indeed enhance necromantic ability, specifically the creating and controlling of undead of any shape and size, and are known to be able to allow even weak necromancers to control powerful undead like vampires.

As for destroying the skulls, the book offers only speculation: the fiery breath of a dragon, hurling into a volcano, shattering with a holy undead bane warhammer during an eclipse, and other fanciful rituals.

Sage Breygon was a gracious host to the party, allowing them to stay in empty faculty quarters during their visit, and offering to identify the magic items (listed above) free of charge. He even offered to purchase the ones they didn’t want.

The party’s next stop after recuperating is the machine city Vathis, to check in with the Thieves’ Guild and petition them to gain access to the Vathis Black Market, where there has been a recent surge in the trade of magic items.

Vathis Thieves' Guild
The machine city Vathis! A favour for the Thieves' Guild! The fabled black market!

The party set out from Sage Breygon’s Tower and headed northeast, stopping briefly at Caeron before continuing to the machine city Vathis. Once there, they spoke to Aubin, the guildmaster of that chapter of the Sentinels, who set them on the right path for their mission.

After telling them about the joint investigation (involing the Sentinels, Vathis Law Enforcement, and the Thieves’ Guild) regarding the surge in trade of magic items in the black market, he put the group in contact with Kriver Whiteknife, the Sentinels’ contact in the Thieves’ Guild.

The party met Kriver at the Fat Rooster Tavern, but he wasn’t about to just give them entrance to the black market — they needed to do him a favour first. He sent them into the old waterways, deep beneath the city, to find out what happened to a Thieves’ Guild member named Matthias who went missing the day before.

Finding what remained of poor Matthias didn’t take long, but it was an ambush — the party was attacked by a three-legged, three-tentacled creature (they later learned it was an otyugh), and Beckett the cleric nearly died during the fight. They found the otyugh’s treasure hoard, which included:

  • A Wand of Scorching Ray, with 42 charges left (unclaimed)
  • Two Rings of Protection +1 (both unclaimed)
  • A Cloak of Resistance +1
  • A Scroll of Burning Hands (unclaimed)
  • A potion of Cure Moderate Wounds

Upon returning to Kriver, he confirmed that the magical dagger they found belonged to poor Matthias, now dead. He led them to the black market, where they quickly discovered a third black skull being sold by a merchant, right out in the open.

A brief conversation with the merchant revealed that a wizard had recently come to Vathis, but had done something to cross the Thieves’ Guild, and Kriver Whiteknife killed the wizard personally. The Thieves’ Guild then sold the wizard’s possessions on the black market. The dwarf agreed to give them the skull and the wizard’s book and personal notes if they bought something, so they picked up a

  • Least Ring of Fire Resistance (resists 5 points of fire damage).

The wizard’s book and personal notes revealed that he is, indeed, part of a much larger organization of necromancers. They’ve been deliberately gathering those mysterious black skulls not only because they give a significant boost to necromantic ability, but also for some other dark purpose that is only vaguely alluded to. The notes included correspondence with other necromancers, speaking of grand plans to infiltrate Palhast, Zalam, and Aradain, and to raise a grand army of the dead. Another disturbing piece of information was that there’s a grand catacomb on the southern continent, and that another one is planned for the Northlands.

Perhaps the mysterious ruler of the isolationist city of Sanarro will know more about this necromancer cult?

Honour Among Thieves
A favour for the Thieves' Guild! Kriver Whiteknife's gratitude!


After successfully completing a favour for Kriver Whiteknife and the Thieves’ Guild, the party was contacted by him a second time. He wanted to know if they were looking for some work to do while they were in Vathis — the money would be good, and it would put them in good graces with the Thieves’ Guild.

The party graciously accepted, completing a few relatively simple tasks in the span of a day. Highlights include:

  • Intimidating and beating the shit out of a small gang of upstarts who had been roughing up prostitutes in Thieves’ Guild territory.
  • Delivering a few packages to the smaller fishing communities to the south of Vathis.
  • Protecting a Merchant Guild member who the Thieves’ Guild suspected would be targeted for assassination during a speech. The party caught and killed the assassin before the act even took place.

The party received individual rewards for each, adding up to a rather handsome sum.

GM NOTE: After this, change your primary weapons to +1 magical weapons. Do not alter any other gear or your money total.

Interview with a Vampire
Sanarro's reclusive ruler is a vampire! But he's actually a nice guy?

Leaving from the machine city Vathis, the party made their way east along the coastal roads, then took the north road to the mysterious isolationist city of Sanarro. After a terse and unfriendly greeting from the guards at the front gate, the party was let in and informed that their request to meet with the city’s lord would be considered.

After some discussion regarding how to approach Lord Renahd of Sanarro in conversation, they were invited in to his manor, where they finally met him. It didn’t take long for them to get down to business, and despite Elsa sensing an evil aura about him, he was surprisingly forthright and honest.

The party decided return his honesty in kind, which resulted in surprising progress. He admitted to being a vampire, and informed the party that should a necromancer try to use a Black Skull to control him, he would be helpless and have absolutely no means of resisting.

After agreeing to give him a black skull for purposes of study and safekeeping, Lord Renahd informed the party that a week before, his guards had captured a necromancer who tried to infiltrate the town. They tortured him for information, and discovered some disturbing facts.

  • Despite the necromancers use of the Black Skulls, artifacts of Luteus, they do not worship Luteus but rather some other deistic or semi-deistic entity that requires living sacrifice.
  • These sacrifices send the soul straight to this entity, where it feeds on the soul and grows stronger.
  • The cult has two necropolises, one on the Southern Continent and another in the Northlands. The one in the Northlands is supposed to be near Stormy Bay. Massive legions of undead are being amassed in these necropolises.
  • The cult is planning on laying siege to Stormy Bay with an army of undead.

Lord Renahd agreed to send a scout with a message to Stormy Bay to warn them about the impending siege, and the party set off the next morning for the long journey back to Stormy Bay.

Defensive Planning
Arrival at Stormy Bay! Grim tiding! Planning for the city's defense!

After the party’s arrival in Stormy Bay, they promptly went to the Sentinels Guildhouse to plan for the siege. They met the four senior members of the Sentinels:

  • Lizbeth, a half-elf wizard who has been a Sentinel for nearly a century.
  • Shoroth, a half-orc fighter who has participated in campaigns for both Palhast and Aradain, and is a graduate of the Ruhiim Academy.
  • Marcos, a human monk and Ruhiim Academy graduate who led an expedition into tunnels north of Stormy Bay to eradicate mind flayers that had been abducting people.
  • Dalziel, an elf rogue and guild spymaster.

The party was informed that Palhast, the Ruhiim Academy, and Sage Breygon had all been warned of the impending siege and entreated for aid. While aid is guaranteed from the Ruhiim Academy and Sage Breygon because of their close proximity to Stormy Bay, Palhast aid might not arrive in time.

The party has several days to prepare for the siege, and there is much to be done.

Siege of Stormy Bay - Part I
An undead horde marches on Stormy Bay! Can the defenses hold?!

The Siege of Stormy Bay begins! After a week of preparation, the undead horde finally arrived from a necropolis to the east, attacking the outer walls, zombies piling themselves up to get at the juicy guards atop the walls. The party was assigned to the east wall, and after aiding the city guard against the zombies, they received word from a raven familiar belonging to Lizbeth that there was trouble at the north gate!

Upon arriving at the north gate, the party discovered that a pack of ghouls was paralyzing guards and leaving them for the zombies to kill. They put a quick stop to that, but then a figure in dark armour approached the wall — a powerful cleric of some dark god of undeath, engaging them in brutal combat.

The party came out victorious with only minor injuries, but that was only the beginning. Even now, Lizbeth’s raven can be seen flying towards them from further into the city.

Siege of Stormy Bay - Part II
The siege finally ends! Victory for the goodguys!

With Lizbeth’s raven familiar leading them to the marketplace, the party discovered a necromancer had summoned a massive dinosaur skeleton to rampage through the city! They cunningly destroyed the skeleton’s legs to bring its skull down to within reach and destroy it, making short work of it. The necromancer, his creation destroyed, tried to make a getaway but was stopped when Lizbeth appeared on a nearby rooftop to cast Dispel Magic on the necromancer’s wings of flying, neutralizing them long enough for the party to subdue him.

Lizbeth said she’d take the necromancer away for interrogation, and directed the party towards the west wall, where the horde was massing for another attack. Once there, they fought a desperate battle until a welcome sight appeared on the horizon, from the northwest: Palhast forces had arrived! The clerics and paladins of Liana the Wounded Saint worked together with Stormy Bay’s defenders to utterly annihilate the undead horde.

With Dalziel interrogating the captured necromancer, the party has yet another Black Skull in their possession, and the ranger Cin has a new toy: Wings of Flying! The party was also paid the handsome sum of 5,000 gold for their integral role in helping to defend the city during its time of need.

It’s just a matter of time before the results of the interrogation are revealed. For now, it’s time to recuperate and stock up on supplies before leaving for the necropolis.


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