Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Necromancer Battle at Caeron
Necromancer defeated, party inducted into Sentinels!

Isuld provided the party with information about the location of the necromancer’s lair, as told by the scout she sent the night before. Turns out the necromancer’s lair was in Caeron’s old graveyard, about a half-hour north of the town. A short journey brought them to the graveyard, where they easily annihilated the necromancer’s zombie and skeleton guards.

The necromancer was another matter, however! He was waiting for them with a pair of ghouls and a bunch of defensive spells, and put up quite a fight, almost killing Aztshuktha during the battle. Unfortunately for him, the party defeated him and managed to capture him alive, bringing him back to Caeron to await his final fate. Would the townspeople lynch him, or burn him at the stake? Decisions, decisions.

The mysterious Black Skull he used during the battle is in the party’s possession, as well as other treasures, and the party reaped the handsome reward of 700 gold each for completing the mission — including a bonus for capturing the necromancer alive.

After a thorough interrogation by Isuld and several angry Caeron prison guards, the necromancer divulged that the skull is a powerful artifact that significantly boosts a spellcaster’s ability to create and control undead, far beyond what one should normally be capable of. He refused to tell where he got it, even under painful torture, but Isuld still has leads for the party to follow.

As for the townspeople, they decided that a public burning at the stake would be the necromancer’s final fate, for the abominable acts he inflicted on the town. Gagged to prevent him from cursing the townspeople, he was burned that night in the town square, his corpse chopped up and the pieces scattered to prevent him from rising as an undead creature.

Isuld has also invited the party to come to Stormy Bay, to the Sentinel Guildhouse in that city for official initiation and further work.

Undead Horde Attacks Caeron
Tutorial Adventure!

During Caeron’s annual Harvest Festival, a horde of undead (consisting primarily of skeletons and zombies) attacked the town, killing nearly a hundred people — villagers, guards, and travelers alike. The undead were successfully defeated by the impromptu teamwork of a group of strangers, the staunch and loyal town guard, and the farmers defending their homes.

The group has also made two allies in a burly, bearded human farmer from Caeron, and an elven swordsman from the Ruhiim Academy. The farmer’s son owns the inn, and in thanks for saving his life, paid for party’s lodging for the night.

The group also met Isuld, a representative of the Vollen Sentinels, a group of monster hunters. She struck a deal with the party: If they hunt down and kill the necromancer responsible for the attack on Caeron, she’ll pay them as if it were a job for the Sentinels, and will consider that mission to be their initiation into the guild.


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