Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Culdarion and Klatia
A new ally, a new weapon, and a divine encounter?

Our heroes were sent on their next mission with their new airship: To travel to an island on the south coast of the Northlands and retrieve the legendary spear Njirhundt, wielded by Klatia, heroine of the Goblin Wars 200 years ago. The party arrived within hours of leaving Vathis thanks to the airship’s incredible speed, crossing hundreds of miles in a matter of hours instead of days.

Once there, they arrived at the tomb, finding old signs of battle: Corpses crushed into the ground and sections of forest that look like they had been burned a long time ago. Upon attempting to open the door to the tomb, they were accosted by a gold dragon — one who was ready to attack, and accused them of being grave robbers!

Thanks to a quick clarification, the party explained their purpose: That they’re searching for artifacts to help them defend the Northlands and Aradain against attack by the evil Zalam Empire. After some discussion, the dragon — who introduced himself as Culdarion — revealed to the party that the reason he was guarding Klatia’s tomb is because he was her lover when she was alive. He agreed to let the party borrow Njirhundt on the condition that he accompany them to fight Zalam and that they return the spear to the tomb after the war.

Storm Fist
A new assignment, and a new mode of transportation!

Our heroes loaded up on as much of the refined floatstone deep in the floating island’s core as they could without causing the island to crash, then teleported directly to the front gates of Vathis, the machine city. Once there, they went to the Engineer’s Guild, the organization responsible for the creation of the airships that would give them the edge against Zalam’s forces.

They spoke with a head engineer who directed them to a hangar, where they were to begin on their new assignment: To join the crew of an airship! The captain, Pyotr Sidorov, introduced himself and gave the party a tour of the new airship, which they named the Storm Fist.

Soon, the party will embark on a new journey, with a new and stylish way of getting around.

To Make an Airship
Hunting for the magic rock, Floatstone!

After speaking with his tribe, the adlet chief agreed to the party’s suggestion to leave this area to avoid attack and enslavement by the Zalam army, in their hunt for monsters to capture and use in the war. They decided to go north to the tundra, where they would stay with the farem who live there, staunch and proud allies of the adlets.

Shortly after the adlets left, the party received another message from Lizbeth, who informed them of their next mission. Vathis engineers are contributing to the war effort by creating more airships, ones specifically for use in war, but they need more of the material that allows their airships to soar through the sky in the first place: A mysterious magical ore called Floatstone. A previous expedition had discovered a significant amount of it in the mountains east of where the party met the adlets.

After an arduous trek across the Northlands’ rugged and seemingly endless mountains, the heroes found a valley with exactly what they were looking for: A floating island with a castle built on top of it. The island itself was anchored to the valley by dozens of massive chains, presumably to keep it from floating away. Thanks to Taan’s teleportation magic, they were saved a slow and cold climb up the treacherous chains.

Once up top, they discovered the castle had been ruined for a very long time, possibly centuries. Even so, a small group of frost drakes had taken up residence, and saw the party as a fresh meal, an exciting change of pace from local wildlife. They were no match for the party and met quick deaths. Some cursory exploration revealed that this castle used to belong to Reshenia, a province of Palhast that never accepted the Lianan theocracy or recognized its authority, and had strained relations for several centuries before openly rebelling.

Our heroes made their way deeper and deeper into the castle, to search for the refined floatstone that Vathis’s engineers required to make airships. Providing the refined ore instead of the raw ore would greatly speed up the airship creation process, as refining the ore takes a great deal of time and expensive alchemical processing. In a chamber in the castle’s depths, the party found a device containing 25 total orbs of refined floatstone.

They elected to make camp for the night in the castle, giving Taan time to prepare another teleportation spell. Their plan is to remove all the orbs, which would likely cause the island to fall, and teleport away to avoid being caught in the ensuing disaster.

Searching for the Adlets
A hunt for the wolf-people of the cold mountains!

The party received their next mission only a few days after recovering from the siege: Lizbeth appeared at the castle and informed them about adlets, wolf-folk who are also chosen people of Mideo, blessed by spirits of cold. She told them that Dalziel’s spies said the Zalamites were planning to either recruit or enslave the adlets, so she sent our heroes into the mountains to find them and either get them to relocate, drive them away, or recruit them to their cause.

Our heroes spent several days on the road, heading to the mountains beyond Palhast’s eastern border, passing both abandoned ghost towns and fortified towns on the way. They ascended into the mountains, easily finding the valley forest where Lizbeth said the nomadic adlets were currently camped.

Once they arrived, the adlets confronted them initially with hostility. However, after agreeing to a contest of strength and fortitude, our heroes won their favour: Wolfram participated in the traditional adlet sport of the Ear Pull, where two opponents pull each others ears in an attempt to get the other to submit. Wolfram proved his strength, winning over the adlet Raha and winning the elder’s favour.

Now that the elder was willing to listen, they told him of Zalam’s war of conquest and their recruitment and enslavement of monsters, and what would happen if they resisted. The elder told them he would speak with the tribe and give them an answer tomorrow.

Siege of Castle Sangre, Parts 2 and 3
The middle and end of the siege!

Our heroes continued to fight in defense of the castle, moving to the nearly-breached gate. There, they fought an elite Zalam warrior who turned out to be a rakshasa — an evil spirit made flesh, with inherent magical powers. A perfect fit for Zalam’s forces. They handily defeated him, but soon spotted a summoner up on the wall — he summoned a strange vulture-like creature that tore into Sangre’s troops. The party forced the summoner to retreat, then made short work of the summoned creature, which turned out to be a type of demon called a vrock.

The siege turned in their favour shortly after, with the gate held and the Zalamite army forced to retreat. The next several days were spent in cleanup and celebration, with the white dragon’s hide and bones kept at the castle for preparation to be made into useful items for our heroes.

Siege of Castle Sangre, Part 1
Harpies and a dragon!

Our heroes left the Ruhiim Academy, passing south through Caeron and arriving at Stormy Bay, where they met with the half-orc warrior Shoroth, a senior Sentinel who the party had aided months ago when Stormy Bay was attacked by a horde of undead. Shoroth himself had just returned from a trip to the dwarven cities in the mountains, investigating reports of a linnorm sighting — he and his team of Sentinels returned with the linnorm’s severed head, a fearsome trophy.

Shoroth met with our heroes in the war room at the Sentinel Guildhall, informing the party that their first assignment would be to help defend Castle Sangre against attacks. Castle Sangre lies at a key land route, surrounded on all sides by dense forest, steep cliffs, and other rough terrain. Lord Gerard Sangre III was there to meet them at his castle, greeting them and showing them around, giving them some time to acclimate and prepare for the siege.

The siege came in the morning, with archers and siege engines exchanging fire. It wasn’t long before harpies showed up, bringing Zalam troops over the walls to try and open the gate with explosives, as well as attack the party. After a few minutes of fighting harpies, a white dragon showed up and engaged our heroes in combat! They emerged victorious but not without wounds of their own, and now have a white dragon’s head and hide as trophies.

One of the chains keeping the castle’s drawbridge closed was destroyed, leaving only one chain left. Despite their victory against the dragon, the siege isn’t over yet!

Declaration of War
Zalam's war on the Northlands begins!

After spending some time in the Ruhiim Academy, our heroes received a magical message from Lizbeth, one of the senior Sentinels they aided in defense of Stormy Bay so many months ago, against a siege by a necromancer-led horde of undead. She relayed troubling news: Zalam had formally declared war on Palhast had begun its invasion. Lizbeth asked the party for help, and they eagerly accepted, as they have strong reason to believe Zalam’s war was orchestrated by the necromancer cult they have been hunting.

Our heroes were informed that as Sentinels they would not see front-line action, but would instead be acting as a strike unit, undertaking special tasks requiring their varied skills, responding quickly to changing situations, and handling unique and stronger threats such as summoned monsters or enemy generals.

Preparations were made and the party set off again, for a much shorter journey to Stormy Bay, their first assignment. Lizbeth also hinted that Shoroth, the farem Sentinel who was also at Stormy Bay during the undead siege, would be heading there and would meet the party.

The Ruhiim Academy of Martial Studies
A long journey to a familiar place!

The journey took several weeks, but the party finally arrived at the Northlands and the Ruhiim Academy of Martial Studies. They crossed the sea from Tomra to Maialis, crossing the Khelos Desert (once again guided by the nomadic farem who live there) to Roddon, then north to Skaze until reaching the capital Aradain. From there they went west, crossing the sea again and arriving at Silvert, retreating familiar territory from their adventure’s beginning: the town of Sanarro, ruled by the enigmatic vampire Lord Renahd, the machine city Vathis, and the farming community of Caeron, where the first undead attack occurred.

Northward into the mountains, they arrived at the academy and met with Instructor Avri, one of Wolfram’s former teachers, and returned the badge of the mysterious monk they encountered far to the south. They discussed the future and the role the Academy would play in the event of further necromancer actions and possible war with Zalam, and some persuasive words by Purifier got positive results from Avri.

For now, the party rests within the walls of the Academy, familiar to some of our heroes. What the next few days will bring remains to be seen.

Snake Castle Aftermath
Meeting a strange new friend!

With a magic crystal giving them access to new parts of the castle, the party went exploring. Near the bottom of the castle they discovered a door to a strange room, a study and living area for the only survivor of the people who constructed the castle.

Nasini Rahaya Al’Siraj, Archivist and Keeper of the Nahasiss snakefolk, introduced herself and invited the party into her study and told them the story of her people:

“Like the kindred races, the nahasiss began as a primitive people, little better than snakes before we began recording our history — similar to humans and apes, I believe. However, as we gradually civilized ourselves and discovered agriculture and the written word, we discovered the language of magic — and discovered our talents for it.

“Every nahasiss bears the gift of magic. From whence this gift came, we know not, but many of our priests claim it to be a blessing from the god you call Mideo, the god of nature and beasts. We used our talents to create a mighty empire on this continent, doing battle with the orcs, kobolds, goblins, and hobgoblins with our mighty magic to dominate a vast territory.

“Our dominance of this continent continued for nearly three thousand years, but we became decadent and corrupt, mired in bureaucracy and obsessed with money. A great curse befell us, its origin unknown, but it stole our greatest gift from us: our magic.

“The curse came in the form of a plague, a disease that robbed us of our arcane powers. Word spread rapidly to our enemies, who marched on our cities and razed them to the last, hobgoblins leading the orcs, goblins, and kobolds to destroy their hated enemies. We were hunted to extinction. Perhaps small tribes of warriors survived, but our arcane arts were our greatest strength, and they were stolen completely from us.”

She also asked the party to take copies of the texts of her people and to spread their history, hoping that despite the death of her people and their empire, they would not be lost to history. In addition to thanking the party for ridding the castle of necromancers, she bestowed them with many gifts.

From the cultists, the party acquired:
- +1 weapons: battleaxe, longsword, morningstar, heavy mace, flail
- +1 weapons: shortbow x2
- Cloak of Resistance +4
- Staff of Necromancy
- Bracers of Armour +2
- Ring of Protection +3
- Amulet of Natural Armour +3
- +2 hand wraps

From Nasini, the party was given:
- 8,000 gold each (platinum coins, gems, materials)
- Potions: Bull’s Strength, Invisibility, Remove Curse, Remove Disease
- Scrolls: Lesser Restoration, Shield Other, Grace, Weapon of Awe, Wrathful
Mantle, Vanish, Spider Climb, Web, Fly, Frost Fall
- Wands: Lesser Restoration, Resist Energy
- Belt of Giant Strength +4
- Belt of Physical Might +2 (Str & Dex)
- Ring of Forcefangs

The Snake Castle
The wizard's last stand!

After fighting their way into the castle, our heroes set about exploring, finding strange architecture and statues and murals and bas-reliefs, all snake-themed. They also found strange channels carved into the walls, some of which glowed with magical energy from some unknown source, leading to doors and and lights and even traps, providing power to them — some of the channels leading to doors were dark, and those doors were locked.

The party went deeper into the castle, soon finding a group of cultists at the base of a tower. They fought their way up, soon reaching some sort of ritual room with an altar protected by a glowing green barrier, behind which was the wizard — but he had backup, several cultists and a monk bodyguard ready to protect him. The battle was fierce but the party came out victorious, Calwyn landing the killing blows on both the monk and the wizard.

Now, the entire castle is open to the party. They have a strange gem that was powering the barrier; perhaps it can be used to power doors and other devices, allowing them access to the castle’s deeper reaches? What mysteries does this place hold, now that the necromancer threat has been eliminated? For that matter, what were the necromancers planning with the castle? Perhaps they planned to use it as a stronghold from which to launch attacks on both the orc tribes and the frontier towns on the north coast, or perhaps there is some deeper secret.


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