Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

The Final Battle

The end of the war

With a sizable force gathered, our heroes set out for the island where the Emperor’s oracles said would be the entry point of the necromancer cult’s dark master. with the Storm Fist and a troop transport airship, they flew across the ocean and soon found the island, wrapped in a bloody red haze, and covered with strange towers of impossible architecture.

The battle began almost immediately on landing, with necromancers, cultists, and a horde of undead blocking their progress into the island. They fought their way into the necropolis and to the massive ziggurat at its center, on top of which stood an imposing black gate, the entrance to the dark master’s realm. Lizbeth informed them that once they enter, they might not be able to come back out if they slay the realm’s master.

Naturally, our heroes entered anyway, entering a chaotic realm of darkness under the shadow of a permanent eclipse. They were confronted by a luminous being that blasted them with hateful light, a vile miasma, and a ravenous hunger for souls, pushing them to the brink of death. However, the prayers and memories of the hundreds of lives that the heroes touched protected them and restored their strength, granting them the power to fight on.

With ferocity and cleverness, the heroes triumphed, turning the dark entity’s captured souls against it in a vicious battle that shook the entire realm. Once its dark powers were stripped away and its tormented souls were freed, the entity was revealed to be nothing but a parasite, feeding on hate and dark thoughts. The realm collapsed around them and the entity’s soul faded into nothing, leaving the heroes floating in darkness.

That’s when a heavenly light pierced the darkness and warmly embraced them, carrying them across the gulf between realms and safely returning them to the island and their allies. With the dark master of the necromancer cult destroyed utterly, the necromancers have lost their powers and all the undead they’ve created have been destroyed, leaving another cleanup mission on the island.

The war is over, the cult’s master is destroyed, and our heroes are free to carry on as they please with their lives.



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