Former Zalam alchemist


Mid-level alchemist, now focused on medicine and healing. Poorly suited for combat, but can fight if necessary.


Nabil was an alchemist of some renown in the Zalam capital, part of a guild of alchemists responsible for the creation of many chimera and experiments to aid Zalam’s army in battle. One experiment was to infuse a human with the power of a dragon, but this experiment was deemed a failure and Nabil was stripped of his title and wracked with guilt over the lives he destroyed.

Nabil turned his focus to medicine, learning what he could from smuggled Palhast medical texts, and vowed never to experiment on the living again. When he was found in Azdhar’s fortress, he made it clear that he was no threat, and wished only to help others. He jumped at the chance to join the Palhast forces and help fight Zalam, but only wants to act as a medic.


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