The golden dragon


A golden dragon, several centuries old, but still young by dragon standards. He takes the guise of a tall, muscled human in outdated clothes.


Culdarion is a gold dragon who, 200 years ago, aided the hero Klatia during the Goblin Wars that took place in the Northlands. While most accounts of the Goblin Wars state that the dragon Culdarion merely served as Klatia’s ally and draconic mount, there were rumors that she took Culdarion as her lover, and that the two had many children after the war, when the two disappeared into seclusion.

Culdarion is powerful, as is expected of a mature gold dragon, but the nature of his spells lean more toward aid and healing. He prefers to rely on his fangs and claws and his fiery breath than on magic in battle, using his magic to undo damage rather than cause it.


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