Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Troubles in Tomra

A town attacked by the undead! Can the heroes save it?

Our heroes left Skaze and arrived at Roddon, a town at the base of the mountains and on the edge of the Khelos Desert. In Roddon they met a group of farem who were on their way south, and they managed to negotiate a guide to get safe passage through the desert. They crossed without incident, arriving at the port town of Maialis, where they used their Sentinel contacts to book passage on a ship transporting food and livestock to Tomra, a frontier town on the Southern Continent.

Once they arrived, they found signs that the town had been attacked. Several buildings had been burned down and two of the town’s outer walls had collapsed sections. A priestess of Liana, Leesha, arrived and told them what happened in the hopes that they would help; when our heroes learned that a black-clad warrior commanding skeletons was behind it, they were eager to assist. This was exactly the sort of lead they needed to search for necromancer activity on the Southern Continent.

Leesha told the heroes that she suspected the one leading the attack was a vampire; she managed to force him to retreat with her holy powers, but that he’d return in one week’s time. The heroes set about helping to repair the damage done to the town as well as preparing it for the next attack — they only have seven days.


Azzie, Calwyn, and Wolfram: Worked on repairing the wall. Thanks to their knowledge of engineering and fortifications, they realized that they only have enough manpower, materials, and time to fix one wall. They were also able to devise more efficient ways of repairing the wall, reducing the time required from seven days to five.
Beckett: Aided with the healing of the wounded from the attack, then spoke the rest of the town guard to boost their morale.
Chalyss: Convinced a druid to aid the siege, negotiating a lower price for his services, down to 4500 gold.
Purifier: With the dead blacksmith’s two assistants, began working on maces for the town guard to replace their spears, which are largely ineffective against skeletons.
Rubeus: Began work on alchemist’s fire for use during the siege, and paid a significant portion of the fee for the druid’s services.



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