Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

The End is Near

The war's end is in sight!

Soon after their victory at Duhkha Prison, our heroes find themselves in the midst of the war. Allied Palhast-Aradain forces have arrived via air and sea, and the war proper has begun. With the North and South Fang taken, rebellions from Cindertown in the south, and the bulk of the Allied army marching from the north, Sirgo and Bhirat were taken in a little over a month.

Our heroes find themselves with what may be their final foe ahead of them, the siege of the Capital looming in the future. It will be a brutal and bloody battle, but with support from north, south, sea, and air, victory is assured. Tasked with using their elite mercenary forces to assault the Imperial Palace itself, our heroes must arm and prepare themselves to face their strongest foes yet, and an Emperor who may be an immortal master of magic.



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