Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Siege on Azdhar's Fortress, Part two

The Battle with Azdhar

Venturing ever-deeper into the fortress, our heroes finally happened upon the throne room, where Azdhar himself sat waiting for them. They confronted him and engaged him in a titanic battle that shook the entire fortress, swiftly defeating his allies before finally putting an end to him.

However, with his dying breath, Azdhar revealed that his draconic traits and deformed appearance were the result of a failed experiment, not a successful one. He warned the heroes that Zalam’s alchemists had more frightening and powerful beings waiting for them.

With Azdhar dead, there are only a few things left to do. chieftain Kanchana was promised Azdhar’s head and axe as trophies, and there’s still the matter of finding his daughter Kaur inside this huge fortress. Will there be more of Azdhar’s soldiers waiting? Will they even be willing to fight, or with the death of their commander, will they flee? Did Azdhar have any traps built?



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