Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Siege on Azdhar's Fortress, Conclusion

Kaur's rescue and new allies!

After decapitating Azdhar and retrieving his axe, our heroes set out deeper into the fortress to fulfill their main objective: Rescuing Kaur, chieftain Kanchana’s daughter.

They encountered someone unexpected while exploring the rest of the fortress: an alchemist who introduced himself as Nabil. He swiftly surrendered to them, and revealed that he was the alchemist responsible for transforming Azdhar into the draconic abomination he became. He also revealed that Azdhar required constant treatment to prevent his body from rejecting his draconic aspects and killing him. With the experiment a failure and Nabil’s reputation ruined, both Azdhar and Nabil were sent north, out of sight and out of mind.

Nabil since refused to experiment on the living ever again, and turned his focus toward medicinal alchemy. Our heroes generously offered to take him in, and he gladly led them to the secret chamber where Kaur was being held.

Outside, Jant’s Holy Knights conquered the fortess with minimal losses. Azdhar’s death caused most of the remaining Zalam soldiers to either surrender or flee, and Jant’s soldiers plan to repurpose the fortress for their own use. The Storm Fist took our heroes, Nabil, and Kaur back to the catfolk village, where they were welcomed as heroes.

There, Kanchana gave our heroes command of Akash and the catfolk’s greatest hunters. Trackers, scouts, assassins, saboteurs, and infiltrators, they will make a valuable addition to the limited forces available to our heroes in this hostile land.

Now that a base of operations has been established in Azdhar’s former fortress, our heroes are free to strike out at the nearby inner-sea town of Tinsuk and the bustling trade city, the North Fang.



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