Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Into the Aradain Castle Catacombs

Hunting necromancers deep beneath the castle!

After briefly interrogating the captured necromancer and discovering that the dark power he worships is powerful enough to grant powers but isn’t quite divine and therefore isn’t beholden to the same laws the rest of the gods are, Schutz arrived and told the party he can get them into the catacombs under the castle, bypassing the “surprise” the necromancers left behind the way they got in.

The catacombs proved an imposing and huge place, consisting of a massive circular central chamber hundreds of feet deep, the stonework becoming older the deeper they went, the central pit criss-crossed by bridges in various states of repair. Murals and statues depicting figures important to Aradain history provided some insight into Aradain’s past, as well.

It was smooth going until they discovered a bridge guarded by a group of skeletons. They proved little threat to the party, with the exception of the skeletal champion commanding them, who almost knocked Chalyss the paladin off the bridge and into the darkness with a shield bash.

The party defeated the skeletons and then argued over the skeleton’s sword before continuing into the catacombs.



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