Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Fishing village Tinsuk, and Uluka the Trickster-Hero

A sleepy village, a new friend, and a prison raid

With a base of operations and staging point for the Grand Palhast Army’s arrival secure, our heroes took stock of their options. With Sirgo to the west and North Fang to the southeast too well-guarded for direct attack, they considered arming rebels and inciting them to action, and settled on investigating the small town of Tinsuk and the strange previously-unknown prison on one of the maps provided by the catfolk.

Known as Duhkha Prison, named for the Old Zalamese word for sorrow, their own information on it came from the alchemist Nabil, who said he only knew its name because one of his colleagues was sent to work there. This implies that the prisoners are being experimented on. Our heroes set out to Tinsuk to investigate the area, and found a strange ally there.

A fiddler wearing an owl mask was playing at the inn they traveled to. After a display of hypnotic suggestion on the other inn-goers, he revealed himself as the bard and trickster-hero Uluka, twice thought executed for his crimes against authority. Hinting that Mr. Crow informed him of the arrival of our heroes, he offered to help them raid the prison, providing them with valuable information about the place.

Our heroes set out making a plan to attack the island prison from the air, sending in three groups to seize control of it and rescue the prisoners: the main party would attack the laboratory, Jant and a team of his elite knights would free prisoners and ensure a clear path to the airship for rescue, and Akash and his hunters would either capture or kill the warden.



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