Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Deeper and Deeper

More undead, and a set of unlikely allies!

After a brief attack by a mohrg — an undead with a paralyzing lick — the party continued searching for the necromancers and the tomb of Aradain’s first king. They came across the site of a battle, but things were suspicious — bloodstains all over, craters and scorch marks from exploded spells, with weapons and broken, empty suits of armour strewn about, and not a single corpse to be found. Further up, the hallway had been collapsed, an obvious ploy by the necromancers to slow the party.

The party was forced to backtrack and find another way through, and quickly got back on track. However, their questions regarding the battle site from before were answered when they came across a hallway with six suits of armour — suits of armour that raised their weapons and attacked as soon as they entered!

However, Chalyss and Lord Schutz arrived just in time with a medallion bearing the royal seal, which allowed Chalyss to control the animated suits of armour, called guardians. Schutz told the party he and his elite guards would begin cleaning out the rest of the catacombs while the party continued onward, their animated allies in tow. They soon came across a room with twelve more guardians, and chose to take nine more with them for an even fifteen guardians backing them up for when they finally face those necromancers.



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