Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Cat Problems

Lamias stealing Skaze's men!

The party made the journey south from Aradain and up into the mountains mid-continent, between the plains of Aradain and the Khelos desert. They arrived at the mining town of Skaze and were about to settle in at the Sentinel guildhall when the town alchemist, Dr. Vinz, entered with a terrible wound and a story of an attack by a lamia! The Sentinel clerk, a dwarf nicknamed Braidbeard, connected the lamia attack with the disappearances of a few other men from the town, and hired the party on the spot to deal with the lamia.

The party discovered it wasn’t just one lamia, but rather a whole tribe of them, and they were abducting the men to use as breeding stock! A short but fierce battle took place, with Purifier delivering a brutal killing blow to the lamia matriarch, which forced the remaining lamias to retreat.

The party discovered the men, who had their willpower sapped by the strange mental powers of the lamias, and escorted them back to town, where they are being treated at the hospital by Dr. Vinz. The party then collected their reward of 1000 gold each for driving off the lamias.



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