Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Battle with the Emperor

The second-last session

The siege of the capital of Zalam began, with the Palhast Grand Army attacking from the north and the Aradain Army attacking from the south, both mixed with mercenaries and with Vathis’s airships raining fire from the sky. Our heroes, accompanied by Jant and his Holy Knights, Akash and his Hunters, and Johann and his Twin Fang mercenaries, stormed the palace. As they fought their way through, more and more of the soldiers broke off to spread into the palace, while the elite soldiers among them remained behind to stall threats to the main group. Soon, even Jant, Akash, and Johann and their best were forced to separate, leaving our heroes to face the Emperor alone.

They discovered Emperor Sihark Zalam the First and Only in his throne room, waiting for them, but strangely resigned to his fate. He spoke of visions and oracles, and how no visions of his future could see past this very night — but even augury can see to punishment or reward in the Great Beyond. For him, nothing could be seen. He engaged our heroes in combat, hurling spell after spell, but eventually succumbed.

However, rather than die or surrender, a strange, cloying, vile mist began to spread through the throne room. The Emperor lost his composure, reduced to manic laughter and tears of terror. He told the heroes to find his oracles, who would surrender, and they would tell the heroes where to find the true threat: the ones who pulled the strings of his generals and led Zalam into war.

The strange mist, filled with sinister shapes, claimed the Emperor and vanished with him, leaving only his weapon behind.

On reuniting with Jant, Akash, and Johann, our heroes discover that the oracles have already surrendered and been captured. Cooperative and responsive to questioning, they inform the heroes that on an island in the Central Ocean, partway between all four continents, is where dark forces are gathering and preparing for the entry of a great evil into the world. They say that if these dark forces are not stopped, the world will be plunged into such chaos that this war will pale in comparison.

As for the siege of the capital, it continued for several more days, but the combined forces of the Palhast and Aradain armies, along with the huge advantage of the airships, eventually forces the remaining Zalam forces to surrender. The next weeks are spent putting out fires, tending to wounded, and beginning the rebuilding of the capital — but the nation of Zalam is already teetering on the brink of chaos, with the Emperor’s former generals outside the capital consolidating their forces and carving out petty fiefdoms of their own.

However, our heroes have more important things to worry about than pretenders playing at kingship. Maps of the Central Ocean show that there is indeed an island partway between all four continents, and plans have been made to fly there with Jant’s Holy Knights, Akash’s Hunters, and Johann’s Twin Fangs all coming along to discover the truth about this war and put an end to whatever threatens this world.



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