Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Assault on Duhkha Prison, Part Two

Nearing the labs, a second battle!

With the helpful directions from the surrendered prison guard, our heroes made their way deeper into Duhkha Prison. There, they found strange pipes that didn’t match the rest of the architecture, growing more numerous the closer they got to the lab.

They soon found themselves at the imposing main door of the lab, guarded by a small unit of elite guards and three golems — two stone, and one iron! After a vicious battle, Julia and Purifier managed to convince the elite guard to surrender. Seeing how easily they dispatched the golems, they surrendered, offering up the key to the main door and expressing regret and disgust at the treatment of the prisoners and the horrid experiments performed here.

With the key to the lab, our heroes must steel themselves and make sure they’re ready for whatever abominations await them, and they must hope that their allies succeed at their tasks.



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