Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Assault on Duhkha Prison, Part Three

Final battle, a new foe, alchemist captured!

With the lab open to them, our heroes entered and met their final foes: a strangely flippant nobleman who showed skill in both magic and swordplay, the prison’s head alchemist, and his shield guardian iron golem.

After a pitched battle in the lab, the nobleman was revealed to be undead. While his body crumbled to dust, his final words implied that he’d be seeing the heroes again someday. With the iron golem’s destruction, the alchemist surrendered, and the heroes regrouped, gathered their spoils and useful items, and returned to the airship.

There, they discovered that Jant’s Knights and Akash’s Hunters had also completed their objectives. The prison warden was unconscious and bound, and the bunks and storage were full of rescued prisoners. With the Storm Fist on its way back to Azdhar’s Fortress, all that’s left to deal with is the aftermath.

What terrible secrets will the alchemist and warden reveal to them? What horrors will our heroes face when they reach the capital?



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