Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Assault on Duhkha Prison, Part One

Initial assault and first battle!

Our heroes and their allies began their assault on the prison, three teams — our heroes, a team led by Jant and accompanied by Uluka, and a team of hunters led by Akash — landed on the rooftops and entered, each with their own goals. From there, they entered and went downward, encountering resistance in the form of what appeared to be an inquisitor of Asmodeus, armed with powerful weaponry and accompanied not only by skilled guards, but also by horrid mutant abominations, one with tentacles sprouting from his back and the other with enormous crab-like pincers instead of proper arms.

The two mutants were wearing strange collars that appeared to make them susceptible to orders — breaking one led the tentacled mutant to fly into a rage and attack his own allies, chasing a retreating guard deeper into the prison. One guard surrendered on seeing the inquisitor die, offering information in exchange for his life.

What other horrors does Duhkha Prison hold for our heroes?



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