Welcome to Dani’s Pathfinder game!

Session Schedule

The final session happens on December 6th, at 8 PM Eastern time.

After that will be epilogue sessions to wrap up the stories of the individual characters.


Use the Pathfinder Reference Document if you don’t own the books.

Check the House Rules section for information on what changes have been made from the core books.

Look at the Character Creation page for advice on where to start and some information on how to build a character for this setting.

The Setting is the fantasy world of Gaiterra. Standard Pathfinder races and classes are used, and the technology level allows for airships and clockwork, but no firearms.

The Party Inventory shows rewards and items that haven’t been distributed yet. If something is on this list, consider it up for grabs.

The Army Status page shows tactical information on the Zalam War in the Northlands and the status and statistics of the forces under the party’s command.

Please also look over the Roleplaying Guidelines. This is important stuff even if you’re a veteran player either in IRC RP channels or of tabletop in general, so please read it.

Current Party Level: 15

Take a look at the Leveling Checklist to make sure you’ve leveled up your character properly, or ask Dani for help!

Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

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