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Siege on Azdhar's Fortress, Conclusion
Kaur's rescue and new allies!

After decapitating Azdhar and retrieving his axe, our heroes set out deeper into the fortress to fulfill their main objective: Rescuing Kaur, chieftain Kanchana’s daughter.

They encountered someone unexpected while exploring the rest of the fortress: an alchemist who introduced himself as Nabil. He swiftly surrendered to them, and revealed that he was the alchemist responsible for transforming Azdhar into the draconic abomination he became. He also revealed that Azdhar required constant treatment to prevent his body from rejecting his draconic aspects and killing him. With the experiment a failure and Nabil’s reputation ruined, both Azdhar and Nabil were sent north, out of sight and out of mind.

Nabil since refused to experiment on the living ever again, and turned his focus toward medicinal alchemy. Our heroes generously offered to take him in, and he gladly led them to the secret chamber where Kaur was being held.

Outside, Jant’s Holy Knights conquered the fortess with minimal losses. Azdhar’s death caused most of the remaining Zalam soldiers to either surrender or flee, and Jant’s soldiers plan to repurpose the fortress for their own use. The Storm Fist took our heroes, Nabil, and Kaur back to the catfolk village, where they were welcomed as heroes.

There, Kanchana gave our heroes command of Akash and the catfolk’s greatest hunters. Trackers, scouts, assassins, saboteurs, and infiltrators, they will make a valuable addition to the limited forces available to our heroes in this hostile land.

Now that a base of operations has been established in Azdhar’s former fortress, our heroes are free to strike out at the nearby inner-sea town of Tinsuk and the bustling trade city, the North Fang.

Siege on Azdhar's Fortress, Part two
The Battle with Azdhar

Venturing ever-deeper into the fortress, our heroes finally happened upon the throne room, where Azdhar himself sat waiting for them. They confronted him and engaged him in a titanic battle that shook the entire fortress, swiftly defeating his allies before finally putting an end to him.

However, with his dying breath, Azdhar revealed that his draconic traits and deformed appearance were the result of a failed experiment, not a successful one. He warned the heroes that Zalam’s alchemists had more frightening and powerful beings waiting for them.

With Azdhar dead, there are only a few things left to do. chieftain Kanchana was promised Azdhar’s head and axe as trophies, and there’s still the matter of finding his daughter Kaur inside this huge fortress. Will there be more of Azdhar’s soldiers waiting? Will they even be willing to fight, or with the death of their commander, will they flee? Did Azdhar have any traps built?

Siege on Azdhar's Fortress, Part one
Infiltration and first battle

With Jant’s Holy Knights prepared, the siege on Azdhar’s fortress began. While the battle raged outside on the eastern side, our heroes entered the fortress from the north, shortly encountering a group of soldiers heading from Azdhar’s menagerie of exotic beasts to join the battle. Our heroes made short work of them, but their true target waits for them deeper inside the fortress.

Kaur’s life is at stake, and our heroes must work fast if they want to defeat Azdhar before he figures out who our heroes are working with — Kaur’s life is at stake!

Meeting the Catfolk
New allies and a new target

With Jant’s Holy Knights in tow in the troop transport airship, our heroes made the journey across the ocean with the Storm Fist and arrived at the continent of Carnir. Spotting a village deep in the forest, isolated from any Zalam-controlled ports, they landed to investigate.

They were soon confronted by the inhabitants of the village, who initially mistook them for Zalam troops. Revealing themselves to be catfolk, their attitudes turned from hostility to suspicion, but the lead hunter Akash brought the heroes to the village to meet their chieftain, Kanchana. He explained to them that Zalam had wiped out most of the tribes of the catfolk, and a few villages of various tribes are all that remains.

When our heroes proposed an alliance, Kanchana explained that to move freely in this area, they would first need to be rid of Azdhar, a warlord with strange draconic powers. Two months ago, Kanchana sent the tribe’s strongest warriors and their guardian spirit, Muizze, to kill Azdhar and free them, but Azdhar killed the warriors and crippled Muizze, then kidnapped Kaur and threatened to kill her if they ever tried to rise up against him again.

Our heroes agreed to help, and Akash took them to visit Muizze, the wounded guardian spirit. Muizze sensed the feather that Mr. Crow had given the party so long ago, the feather that marks them as allies of Mideo and of nature, and became friendly toward them. She explained that Azdhar has many dragon-like powers and possesses inhuman strength, and that he is not a foe to be treated lightly.

When Muizze explained that Kaur was the only priest in the catfolk with the power to heal her wounds, Julia used her Liana-given healing magic to restore Muizze’s eye and paw. In thanks, Muizze gave the party one of her fangs, explaining that while she cannot directly join them, the fang will allow them to summon her in battle.

And so our heroes sent word to Jant and his Holy Knights to prepare to assault Azdhar’s fortress. Once the catfolk bring their maps of the area and Jant’s scouts return, the assault can begin.

Outset to Carnir
Our heroes set off!

Our heroes have big farewell to their newfound allies in Vattas and set off to the west, heading for Carnir. Acting as vanguard forces to prepare the way for the main invasion force, our heroes chose to bring Jant’s Holy Knights with them in preparation for whatever may lurk in Carnir’s northern forests. They hope to stoke rebellion in the hearts of the people, find allies wherever they can, and avoid drawing too much of Zalam’s attention. The Storm Fist, under Culdarion’s protection, will be acting as a supply ship and going back and forth between Carnir and the Northlands.

They may find allies in the forest, or trouble in the form of monsters or a trap laid by Zalam, or maybe nothing at all as they march westward.

The Siege of Vattas, finale
Vattas is safe and Zalam is on the run!

Thanks to our heroes and their airship, Zalam’s forces were defeated and forced to retreat from Vattas, with four of their five ships now resting on the floor of the cold northern sea. After helping mop up remaining Zalam troops and healing the wounded, our heroes took a much-deserved break. While meeting with Charlotte LeMay and Freeden Rosedale, the leader of the Southern Strongarms mercenary company, our heroes learned that Zalam’s forces have seen defeat in other parts of Palhast as well. If they haven’t been pushed right back to the coast, then their supply line has been cut off, leaving them to fend for themselves.

With Palhast’s future secure, the time to take the battle to Zalam is rapidly approaching. Before the end of the month, Aradain forces will arrive from the east and bolster Palhast’s forces. The Sentinels have a plan to send small groups of elite soldiers to the north and south of Carnir, the western continent and home of the Zalam Empire, to prepare the way for the combined Palhast-Aradain army.

This task involves gathering allies in various places around Carnir where unrest has taken hold and armed rebellion is inevitable. Our heroes will be traveling first to the dense forests on the north side of Carnir in their search for allies, but they’ll be going in largely blind.

The Siege of Vattas, continued
Part Two

As the Storm Fist approaches the harbor to destroy Zalam’s ships, our heroes continue northward, facing ever more dangerous foes. This time, Zalam seems to be stepping things up: a vampire sorcerer has been using the corpses of fallen soldiers of both sides to create animated skeletons. A difficult foe for ordinary guards and militia, but no match for a group of seasoned and skilled adventurers.

Even accompanied by a rakshasa, the vampire was no match for our heroes and was forced to escape after his skeletons were destroyed and his ally was obliterated. Soon, the Storm Fist and our heroes will arrive at the harbor, and the battle will be brought directly to Zalam.

The Siege of Vattas
Part One

With influence and favor gathered, the time came for the council of Vattas to vote on whether to let the Zalam forces use their land to stage attacks on Palhast. Thanks to the influence of House LeMay, House Usher, and the Southern Strongarms Mercenary Company, the vote was an overwhelming majority against Zalam.

However, before proper celebrations could be had, Zalam attacked! With their black ships at the harbor, they fired cannons at the homes of the noble families that voted against them, and sent troops into the city to enact a purge of any who would defy Zalam’s might.

While House LeMay prepared its formidable defenses, the Storm Fist took off to bomb Zalam’s ships from out of reach of their cannons, and our heroes set out into the streets and headed north. They encountered a unit of elite Zalam soldiers, but also met two allies, both with their own reasons for fighting Zalam.

Only fate knows what fierce enemies or horrid creatures our heroes will encounter next!

A summary of the story thus far

Our heroes have come a long way. Their story together begins in a humble farming village under attack by a horde of undead. After defending the town, they are offered employment in the Sentinels, a monster-hunting organization that spans most of the civilized world. From there, they uncover a conspiracy perpetrated by necromancers, but the true goal will not be discovered until later.

To the east next, our heroes became national heroes for defending the kingdom of Aradain against a plot by this necromancer cult. They travel to the Southern Continent, aiding colonies against yet more undead depredations. Soon after, they return to the Northlands, only to discover war has broken out: the Zalam Empire is waging a war of conquest, demanding all other nations submit and swear allegiance to the Mage Emperor.

Thanks to the information our heroes have discovered, they know now that the Mage Emperor is but a puppet, and the true purpose of the war is to sacrifice the living to the necromancer cult’s evil god.

When we last left our heroes, they had traveled north to the city-state of Vattas, a separatist state that refused to join Palhast when the latter became a theocracy. They had been helping House LeMay unite the other noble houses in ousting the occupying Zalam forces, and had succeeded in befriending the powerful but secretive Adahn Usher of House Usher and convincing the Southern Strongarms mercenary company in joining their cause. From there, other prominent noble houses are expected to follow their lead in voting to oust Zalam’s forces.

However, it is unlikely that Zalam will take this lightly, and the houses are preparing for battle while nearby Palhast forces, including Jant’s Holy Knights and the Twin Fang Mercenaries, ride and fly to their aid.

Meeting with Adahn Usher
First encounter with the son of the house of Usher!

Our heroes arrived in the separatist city-state of Vattas, far to the north of Palhast, tasked with the rather formidable mission of convincing the noble houses ruling over Vattas to stop allowing the Zalam army to use their shores and land. To do this, our heroes have planned to meet and negotiate with the various houses. With the help of House LeMay, sympathizers with Palhast, our heroes learned that they would have to convince the secretive House Usher, the merchants of House Plutarch, the road- and waterway-controlling House Desarde, and the various members of the Mercenary Guild if they wanted a chance at swaying the other houses to vote against Zalam’s use of their land.

Our heroes formulated a plan and met with Adahn, son of Baron Gerald Usher. He was initially unfriendly toward them and the discussion almost turned violent, but our heroes managed to explain to Adahn very persuasively that if Zalam does win the war, then his house will not be spared Zalam’s destructive wrath either.

Adahn seemed convinced, but wanted to meet again to discuss it further, promising another meeting later in the week.


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