Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

The Siege of Vattas, finale

Vattas is safe and Zalam is on the run!

Thanks to our heroes and their airship, Zalam’s forces were defeated and forced to retreat from Vattas, with four of their five ships now resting on the floor of the cold northern sea. After helping mop up remaining Zalam troops and healing the wounded, our heroes took a much-deserved break. While meeting with Charlotte LeMay and Freeden Rosedale, the leader of the Southern Strongarms mercenary company, our heroes learned that Zalam’s forces have seen defeat in other parts of Palhast as well. If they haven’t been pushed right back to the coast, then their supply line has been cut off, leaving them to fend for themselves.

With Palhast’s future secure, the time to take the battle to Zalam is rapidly approaching. Before the end of the month, Aradain forces will arrive from the east and bolster Palhast’s forces. The Sentinels have a plan to send small groups of elite soldiers to the north and south of Carnir, the western continent and home of the Zalam Empire, to prepare the way for the combined Palhast-Aradain army.

This task involves gathering allies in various places around Carnir where unrest has taken hold and armed rebellion is inevitable. Our heroes will be traveling first to the dense forests on the north side of Carnir in their search for allies, but they’ll be going in largely blind.



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