Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

The Siege of Vattas

Part One

With influence and favor gathered, the time came for the council of Vattas to vote on whether to let the Zalam forces use their land to stage attacks on Palhast. Thanks to the influence of House LeMay, House Usher, and the Southern Strongarms Mercenary Company, the vote was an overwhelming majority against Zalam.

However, before proper celebrations could be had, Zalam attacked! With their black ships at the harbor, they fired cannons at the homes of the noble families that voted against them, and sent troops into the city to enact a purge of any who would defy Zalam’s might.

While House LeMay prepared its formidable defenses, the Storm Fist took off to bomb Zalam’s ships from out of reach of their cannons, and our heroes set out into the streets and headed north. They encountered a unit of elite Zalam soldiers, but also met two allies, both with their own reasons for fighting Zalam.

Only fate knows what fierce enemies or horrid creatures our heroes will encounter next!



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