Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Siege at Galabro

Invade the alchemy lab!

With their new companions and new unit in tow, our heroes were given a new mission. A siege was to take place in the province of Galabro to retake its capital from Zalam, and while the Twin Fang Mercenaries and Jant’s Holy Knights were to reinforce the main army, our heroes had a special mission of their own: to infiltrate the castle and go to the alchemy lab and either capture or kill the alchemists there.

Dalziel led them into and through the city, avoiding patrolling guards and soldiers moving to join the battle, until they reached the castle. Our heroes entered a secret door down in the cellar leading to the dried-out waterway beneath the castle, where they found a horrific sight: Mutated people, driven insane and feral by the experiments Zalam’s alchemists performed on them. After a short battle ending in the mutants retreating into the shadows, our heroes discovered the lab itself.

There they fought against the alchemist himself and found an old foe, one who had escaped the party before in Langom: Agriya, a marai rakshasa with snakes for arms. Our heroes badly outnumbered the two of them, however, and managed to dispatch their foes with no casualties and little difficulty.



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