Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Outset to Carnir

Our heroes set off!

Our heroes have big farewell to their newfound allies in Vattas and set off to the west, heading for Carnir. Acting as vanguard forces to prepare the way for the main invasion force, our heroes chose to bring Jant’s Holy Knights with them in preparation for whatever may lurk in Carnir’s northern forests. They hope to stoke rebellion in the hearts of the people, find allies wherever they can, and avoid drawing too much of Zalam’s attention. The Storm Fist, under Culdarion’s protection, will be acting as a supply ship and going back and forth between Carnir and the Northlands.

They may find allies in the forest, or trouble in the form of monsters or a trap laid by Zalam, or maybe nothing at all as they march westward.



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