Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Meeting with Adahn Usher

First encounter with the son of the house of Usher!

Our heroes arrived in the separatist city-state of Vattas, far to the north of Palhast, tasked with the rather formidable mission of convincing the noble houses ruling over Vattas to stop allowing the Zalam army to use their shores and land. To do this, our heroes have planned to meet and negotiate with the various houses. With the help of House LeMay, sympathizers with Palhast, our heroes learned that they would have to convince the secretive House Usher, the merchants of House Plutarch, the road- and waterway-controlling House Desarde, and the various members of the Mercenary Guild if they wanted a chance at swaying the other houses to vote against Zalam’s use of their land.

Our heroes formulated a plan and met with Adahn, son of Baron Gerald Usher. He was initially unfriendly toward them and the discussion almost turned violent, but our heroes managed to explain to Adahn very persuasively that if Zalam does win the war, then his house will not be spared Zalam’s destructive wrath either.

Adahn seemed convinced, but wanted to meet again to discuss it further, promising another meeting later in the week.



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