Dani's Super Happy Pathfinder Fun Time

Meeting the Catfolk

New allies and a new target

With Jant’s Holy Knights in tow in the troop transport airship, our heroes made the journey across the ocean with the Storm Fist and arrived at the continent of Carnir. Spotting a village deep in the forest, isolated from any Zalam-controlled ports, they landed to investigate.

They were soon confronted by the inhabitants of the village, who initially mistook them for Zalam troops. Revealing themselves to be catfolk, their attitudes turned from hostility to suspicion, but the lead hunter Akash brought the heroes to the village to meet their chieftain, Kanchana. He explained to them that Zalam had wiped out most of the tribes of the catfolk, and a few villages of various tribes are all that remains.

When our heroes proposed an alliance, Kanchana explained that to move freely in this area, they would first need to be rid of Azdhar, a warlord with strange draconic powers. Two months ago, Kanchana sent the tribe’s strongest warriors and their guardian spirit, Muizze, to kill Azdhar and free them, but Azdhar killed the warriors and crippled Muizze, then kidnapped Kaur and threatened to kill her if they ever tried to rise up against him again.

Our heroes agreed to help, and Akash took them to visit Muizze, the wounded guardian spirit. Muizze sensed the feather that Mr. Crow had given the party so long ago, the feather that marks them as allies of Mideo and of nature, and became friendly toward them. She explained that Azdhar has many dragon-like powers and possesses inhuman strength, and that he is not a foe to be treated lightly.

When Muizze explained that Kaur was the only priest in the catfolk with the power to heal her wounds, Julia used her Liana-given healing magic to restore Muizze’s eye and paw. In thanks, Muizze gave the party one of her fangs, explaining that while she cannot directly join them, the fang will allow them to summon her in battle.

And so our heroes sent word to Jant and his Holy Knights to prepare to assault Azdhar’s fortress. Once the catfolk bring their maps of the area and Jant’s scouts return, the assault can begin.



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